​Powerful, comprehensive, time saving and cost effective software solutions for regulatory compliance and chemicals management.

Keeping track of ever changing chemicals regulations and hazard classifications is a time-consuming job, but Chemtrac takes the work out of your hands and makes it easy.

TRACK - Receive regulatory alerts for your substances & products straight to your inbox. Track changes across all of your products and applicable regulations.

MONITOR - Instant reference to information on over 250,000 chemicals against hundreds of global regulations & chemical inventories.

MANAGE - Easy upload facility from any external data or ERP system to effectively manage your chemicals and products.

CONTROL - Control your organisation's compliance & manage your business risk effectively.


Substance Database

Regulatory database covering over 250,000 substances and in excess of 950 global regulations.

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Item Inventory

Load your products and compare with our database to manage compliance with new regulatory updates.

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Chemtrac® Alerts

Alerts you to the latest regulatory amendments that are relevant to your business.

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Regulatory Advice Service

Provides answers and guidance to any additional questions you may have.

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Effortlessly integrate comprehensive data from Chemtrac into your own infrastructure.

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Product Risk Assessor

Identify your product lines at risk of incorporated hazardous substances.

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Customised Solutions

Looking for a Customised Solution?

Work with our world-renowned team of regulatory experts, data scientists, and software engineers to design, develop and implement the best chemicals management solution for your organisation.

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