Ensuring business and supply chain continuity through compliance with REACH 2018

5 June, 2017

Have you fully considered the obligations and implications of the final REACH registration deadline? Supply chain continuity may well be at risk for many products, but it is not too late to act.

Obligations and supply chain continuity

REACH obliges entities who manufacture or import substances in the European Union in quantities of greater than 1 tonne per annum (tpa) to submit a registration to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). A series of phased tonnage and classification-based deadlines were implemented to reduce the burden of generating the hazard and risk assessment on industry, however there is no obligation to inform supply chains or the regulator of a company’s intention to register. Consequently, there is a possibility that some supply chains may start to unexpectedly dry up in mid-2018 if companies chose not to register or find that costs are prohibitive.

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