Product Risk Assessment - A cost-effective tool for managing business risk

With reliable Bill of Substance information proving difficult and costly to obtain, and blanket testing not an economica...

31 August, 2017

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Ensuring business and supply chain continuity through compliance with REACH 2018

Have you fully considered the obligations and implications of the final REACH registration deadline? S...

5 June, 2017

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Part 3: Nanomaterials and REACH - What do I have to do differently? Adjustments to toxicological, eco-toxicological…

No toxicological mechanisms that are specific to nanomaterials as a whole have been identified as yet....

28 March, 2017

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Part 2: Nanomaterials and REACH - What do I have to do differently? Characterisation of a nanomaterial

It is the responsibility of a registrant to include any physical and chemical parameters in their char...

28 March, 2017

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Part 1: Nanomaterials and REACH - What do I have to do differently? Introduction to the regulatory and safety requirements…

Due to their small size and high surface area, nanomaterials can demonstrate unique chemical and physical properties not...

6 March, 2017

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Substitution Strategies and Green Chemistry - tools for sound chemicals management

An overarching concept in chemicals legislation such as REACH, CLP and the Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR), is that th...

3 February, 2017

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Are Your Treated Articles Compliant with the EU Biocides Regulation?

The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR) 528/2012 introduced large changes to the way biocidal active substances and bioci...

4 November, 2016

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Horizon Scanning Tools For Effective Chemicals Management

The impact of changing REACH requirements on businesses To ensure the ...

5 October, 2016

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Benefits and Challenges of Compiling and Maintaining Restricted Substance Lists

The Growing Need for Chemical Management Strategies The manufacture of modern consumer products, such as electrical goo...

27 July, 2016

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