RAC opinions issued for 5 CLH proposals

8 September, 2017

On 8 September 2017, the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) issued opinions on the proposals for Harmonised Classification and Labelling (CLH) of the following substances:

  1. Benzo[rst]pentaphene [CAS# 189-55-9]
  2. Dibenzo[a,h]pyrene [CAS# 189-64-0]
  3. Diisohexyl phthalate [CAS# 71850-09-4]
  4. Fludioxonil [CAS# 131341-86-1]
  5. N,N-diethyl-m-toluamide [CAS# 134-62-3]

This brought the number of published RAC opinions to 252.

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