List of compliant notifications for inclusion in the BPR Review Programme updated

13 February, 2018

On 6 February 2018, ECHA updated the list of those active substance/product-type combinations for which a compliant notification for inclusion in the BPR Review Programme has been made.

The list includes notifications made for redefined active substances, active substance/product-type combinations in Part 2 of Annex II to the Review Programme Regulation (EU) No. 1062/2014 and substances where previous participants made a timely withdrawal. The list will be updated regularly.

The list also includes the names of the notifying companies to help them collaborate to submit an application for approval of the active substance, and help avoid unnecessary testing on animals. The active substance/product-type combinations will be added to the Approved Supplier List (Article 95) when the complete substance dossier has been submitted and validated by the evaluating Competent Authority.

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