ECHA updates list of substances with lead registrants available

13 March, 2018

On 9 March 2018, ECHA updated the ‚Äčlist of substances for which a lead registrant has been declared in REACH-IT. The list will be updated regularly as more information about substances and joint submissions becomes available.

If you are planning to register any of these substances, you can contact the lead registrant company and start negotiating to get access to the joint submission. If the lead registrant of your substance is not visible on the list, you can find their full contact details in REACH-IT. If your pre-registered substance does not yet have a declared lead registrant, you can consider becoming the lead and announcing it to your co-registrants on the pre-SIEF page in REACH-IT.

If you manufacture or import a substance into Europe in a quantity greater than 1 tonne/year then you are likely to need to register that substance under REACH and you must start working on your registration dossier as soon as possible. Yordas Group can help you to find the most appropriate and effective route through the regulatory requirements.

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