Electrical and Electronic Equipment

As more and more countries adopt regulations banning the use of hazardous substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE), compliance with an array of different requirements is becoming a more difficult and demanding task. The emergence of Right-To-Know legislation such as REACH SVHC declarations, California Prop 65 etc, is placing an additional strain on manufacturers to find out from their long and often convoluted supply chains exactly what substances are contained in their goods in order to demonstrate compliance.

Also paramount are the financial risks associated with the large costs of product recall, and the hefty fines for non compliance with EEE regulations. Manufacturers and suppliers throughout the supply chain are under pressure to prove their level of compliance in order to minimise these risks, requiring a considerable amount of resource spent trying to access and understand regulatory data which can be difficult to interpret and time consuming to locate.

Examples of Relevant Legislation within Chemtrac

  • REACH and global equivalents
  • RoHS and global equivalents
  • California Prop 65

Why Use Chemtrac?

EEE organisations with a wide product range face the additional challenge of having to communicate through numerous supply chains in order to fully verify to the appropriate authorities their level of compliance. Finding this information and also proactively staying up to date with it is proving to be an exponentially greater challenge as new legislation is put into place.

Our Chemtrac solution has been developed specifically to help organisations overcome these challenges. Our database contains detailed information on over 250,000 substances across 950 global regulations. Chemtrac is a one stop shop for your compliance needs, including a user-friendly Alerts application that allows you to set up personalised email alerts for your substances and regulations of interest.

We are here to help you overcome global regulatory challenges and to remain compliant. Visit our website to find out more, or to request a free demonstration and trial and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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