Consumer Products

The market for consumer goods is highly demanding and involves creating state of the art products that are going to meet ever-developing customer demands. The continual product development that this requires is often hampered by legislation which bans or restricts the use of certain substances, forcing manufacturers and suppliers to constantly have to change and adapt. The number of restrictive regulations is growing and organisations will need to work hard to keep on top of them all.

Global entities must not only scan for changes in different countries, but for product specific legislation that affects all sorts of industries such as textiles, cosmetics, toys and food. These regulations are subject to constant change and many are finding it a real challenge to keep up with growing consumer expectations for transparent adherence to their exacting conditions.

The consequences of non-compliance are as diverse as they are severe. Financial risks include the potential of product recall and a negative effect on company share prices. In addition there is the threat of developing a reputation for non-compliance, resulting in a decrease in both consumer confidence and brand acceptance.

Examples of Relevant Legislation within Chemtrac

  • Cosmetic Products Regulation
  • Toy Safety Directive
  • USA CPSIA Prohibited in Children’s Products
  • Japan Harmful Substances in Household Products legislation
  • California Safer Consumer Products
  • RoHS

Why Use Chemtrac?

Global businesses with large product inventories carry the greater burden with complex and numerous supply chains and the need to comply with growing numbers of regulations, which can be very difficult to understand when it comes to business-specific obligations. Organisations are having to divert more and more resource to research, apply and take action against these regulations and their changes.

Our regulatory compliance solution Chemtrac has been designed to give organisations accurate and up-to-date information for over 950 global regulations. Chemtrac is a web-based software where you can find all the information you need in one place. Our Chemtrac Alerts application allows you to set up both regulatory and substance alerts tailored specifically to your business needs, and is a quick and easy way for you to find all the relevant information you need.

We know we can help you stay on top of changing legislation and remain compliant. Visit our website for more information or to sign up for a free demonstration and trial, and one of our representatives will be in touch soon.

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