Automotive, Aerospace & Engineering

Supply chains in the automotive, aerospace and engineering sector are far more complex than most, and many businesses must rely on a number of highly specialised chemical formulations in order to build up their finished product. It is also essential for companies to maintain a reputation for safe and compliant products.

If one link in the supply chain fails to register a substance, or obtain authorisation for its intended use, the consequences can range from a critical substance becoming obsolete to a full product recall if action is not taken. This is something organisations cannot afford when so much resource is being spent developing a complicated finished product.

The huge global presence of the above industries also creates problems of its own. It is imperative that the diverse and complex regulations and directives put in place by national governments are followed and strictly adhered to. Many large companies only have a small number of staff working to understand and comply with this vast number of regulations, creating an essential demand for advanced warning to be given when changes occur.

Examples of Relevant Legislation within Chemtrac

  • GADSL Automotive Sector List
  • China’s GB/T 30512-2014
  • ELV

Why Use Chemtrac?

With the development and implementation of both new and existing legislation all over the world, it is necessary for organisations to have the correct tools in place to allow them to both effectively allocate their resource and to maintain compliance in the face of these regulatory challenges. Chemtrac is an up-to-date and comprehensive tool that will be invaluable in helping you to manage your compliance needs. By using Chemtrac, you can find all the information you need on over 250,000 substances and in excess of 950 global regulations in one place. Chemtrac is updated weekly, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are getting the most up-to-date information from our solution. Our Chemtrac Alerts application allows you to select the regulations and substances appropriate to your business and will update you when there are any changes. We can help you both become and remain compliant. Sign up for a free trial now and one of our representatives will be in touch shortly.

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