What is chemtrac®?

Chemtrac provides guidance, support and online software solutions for organisations to manage chemicals management processes, product stewardship and regulatory compliance.

Powered by The REACH Centre, a leading international provider of regulatory and scientific services, Chemtrac incorporates regulatory expertise with IT development skills and the insight of a team that is constantly watching and anticipating developments in chemicals legislation across the world.

Our team has tackled some of the biggest chemicals management challenges facing global supply chains in the past decade or more. Whatever your product stewardship activities and needs, with Chemtrac you have immediate access to the latest regulatory expertise and developments.

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Chemtrac is used by hundreds of organisations around the world


Our team brings together in-depth regulatory knowledge, dedicated software engineers, expert consultancy along with training and support – all within Chemtrac


Eight years of chemicals management experience behind the scenes of Chemtrac make this the solution it is today


Avoid confusion – one source for up-to-date information to help you ensure your compliance needs are met


Our software solution has information on more than 230,000 substances and over 500 global lists


Chemtrac solutions are updated on a weekly basis to ensure we are always delivering the most up to date published data we can to our customers


We address complex applications and systems integration requirements

Regulatory Compliance Software

Software solutions to track, monitor, manage and control your chemicals, supply chain and your risks

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Product Stewardship Services

Working with you on product stewardship throughout your supply chain

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Online Training and Seminars

Flexible training and seminars to help you understand your obligations and plan ahead for compliance

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